A Group Of Palm Trees With A Building In The City

As soon as you step foot on Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort property, you will instantly be surrounded by paradise views that make for picture-perfect photo ops. Front the giant blue flip flop that welcomes you when you walk into the lobby to the historic Broadwalk; you will have a variety of tropical photo sites to choose from that you will be able to cherish long after the tan lines fade.
  1. Giant Blue Flip Flop

    As soon as you walk into the resort lobby, you are welcomed with our signature blue flip flop! Inspired by Jimmy Buffett’s classic “Margaritaville” song, the famous flip flop is the perfect spot for vacation group photos and even selfies!

    A Room Filled With Furniture And Vase Of Flowers On A Table
  2. The Broadwalk

    Hollywood Beach Resort is located on the legendary Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, which has enchanted visitors since the 1920s. The Broadwalk includes a variety of picture-perfect spots for your photos, with the beach and ocean being two of our favorites!

    A Beach With A Palm Tree
  3. LandShark Bar & Grill Patio

    Besides being an excellent spot for food and drinks, the restaurant balcony patio makes a great location for photos! The patio overlooks the Broadwalk, ocean, beach, and FlowRider, which all are incredible views! Along with the beautiful Broadwalk sites, the patio overlooks the LandShark pool, including the waterfall, slide, and palm trees! This location is also a great spot to take photos during the evening hours!

    A Colorful Umbrella Sitting On Top Of A Table
  4. Lobby Cabanas

    The tropical themed Cabanas located inside the resort include classic lyrics from Jimmy Buffett’s most popular songs. The cabanas include cozy lounge furniture that is great for relaxing and posing on with family and friends for pictures!

    A Room Filled With Furniture And Vase Of Flowers Next To A Palm Tree
  5. 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar and Grill

    Did you know that the resort includes a restaurant located right on the beautiful Florida Intracoastal? Along with its chill vibes, coastal-inspired eats, live entertainment, the Intracoastal waterway makes the perfect backdrop for photos, especially during golden hour!

    A Group Of Lawn Chairs Sitting Next To A Palm Tree
  6. Lobby

    Along with the giant blue flip flop and cabanas, the lobby also includes various tropical features that are great for photos. The beautiful margarita chandelier is an eye-catching view located above the lobby lounge area and in front of the JWB Seafood and Steak Restaurant. The glasses always have guests guessing how many margaritas were consumed to complete the chandelier! The lobby also includes various lounge areas with large palm trees placed throughout which are all great options for photos!

    A Dining Room Table In Front Of A Window
  7. Resort Pools

    All three of our resort pools provide fabulous photo ops! Whether you are swimming, relaxing poolside on a chair or in a cabana, or hanging out at one of the bars, the pools’ background always makes for a gorgeous view!

    A Resort Near The Water

    A Bridge Over A Body Of Water

    A Group Of Colorful Flowers
  8. Front Entrance

    As soon as you arrive at the resort, you are greeted with palm trees and our Margaritaville sign that indicate you have officially arrived in “Paradise.” The sign makes an excellent backdrop for both during the day and night!

    A Large Building In The Background
  9. One Particular Harbour Balcony

    Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from the 9th floor, the oceanfront balcony provides a breathtaking view of our Paradise “backyard!”

    A View Of A City Street
  10. FlowRider

    While getting your surf on, make sure to have a picture taken of you showing off your skills! The experience is one to document and then share with your family and friends back home! Even if you don’t experience the FlowRider for yourself, it still makes for a unique picture backdrop!

    A Man In A Pool Of Water

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