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Deco Drive: Tiki Bars

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While everyone is busy drinking fancy shmancy craft cocktails, make your way to a tiki bar for a tropical concoction. We’re in South Florida, people! It’s time for some fruity, beachy cocktails. We live in the perfect vacation spot. Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort did us all a favor and opened The Lone Palm Beach Bar. Kyle Zelaya: “There’s a little bit of pineapple going on in this hunch punch.” Tim Arnold: “It’s a tiki bar located right on the broadwalk, it is kind of a nod to the old-fashion tiki bars of the old days. We’ve got some great, fantastic flair bartenders out there that create some really nice, new versions of retro cocktails.” With yummy drinks like the spiced mai tai that tastes like blood orange with a side of ocean, just like the lava flow. Kyle Zelaya: “Our lava flow is one of our signature frozen drinks that we make here, so we’re gonna start off with some silver rum.” It’s love at first sight when a pina colada meets a strawberry daiquiri. I’ll slurp to that.

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