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Banana Cream Pie – $12
Key Lime Pie – $10
Chocolate Cake – $12
Sorbet (Ask For This Evening’s Flavors) – $8

Coffee & Espresso

Espresso – $4
Cappuccino – $5
Latte – $6

Dessert Cocktails

Key Lime Pie – An impeccable combination of cream, lime and graham cracker will make you think you are eating a big slice of this Florida favorite. Monin Vanilla Syrup, fresh lime juice and heavy whipping cream mixed with Liquor 43 Vanilla Liqueur, Tuaca Liqueur an Italian liqueur flavored with hints of vanilla and citrus and Hangar One Kaffir Lime vodka. No pie is complete without a crust, so we rim our martini glass with cinnamon and graham cracker finished with fresh grated nutmeg over the top. – $15
Almond Joy – We start this tasty treat with a splash of Monin Fudge Syrup & pour in a most amazing fresh Boiron Coconut Puree. We combine Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and give it it’s nuttiness with a touch of Toschi Walnut Liqueur & complete this heavenly cocktail with a generous amount of Ciroc Coconut Vodka. Served in an ice cold martini glass that is rimmed with chopped coconut and cocoa. – $15
Horchata – Modeled after the Mexican rice drink, this cocktail starts with Monin
Vanilla Syrup, heavy whipping cream and a pinch of cinnamon. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Jim Beam Red Stag Spiced Cinnamon Bourbon and RumChata, a Horchata flavored rum-based liqueur finish this cocktail. Shaken until ice cold and strained over a tall glass of fresh ice. – $15
Caramel Macchiato – Need a little pick-me-up? Look no further! We start with one shot of fresh espresso, a touch of heavy whipping cream, Monin V anilla Syrup then add a few dashes of Fee Brother’s Aztec Chocolate Bitters for balance. Liquor 43 Vanilla Liqueur, Godiva Milk Chocolate Liqueur and Three Olives Triple Espresso Vodka complete this cocktail. Served in a martini glass with a house-made vanilla caramel foam made from Van Gogh Caramel and Vanilla Vodkas with a little dark cocoa sprinkled on top. – $15

Dessert Wines

Glass Wine Name
14 Banfi, “Rosa Regale” Brachetto di Acqui DOCG Italy
15 Chateau La Fleur d’Or Sauternes, France
20 Damilano, Barolo Chinato DOCG Piemonte, Italy
14 Pacific Rim, Framboise, Raspberry Infusion Columbia Valley
12 Pacific Rim, Vin de Glaciere, Riesling Columbia Valley
11 Samos, Muscat of Samos Vin Doux Greece

Port and Madeira

Glass Wine Name
15 Blandy’s 10 Year Bual Madeira
12 Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port Portugal
17 Heitz Cellars, Ink Grade Port Napa Valley

Brandy & Cognac

Macchu Pisco La Diablada – $12
Hennessy VS – $14
Hennessy XO – $75
Pisco Porton – $14
Hennessy VSOP, Privilege – $21
Remy Martin VSOP – $15